Open Call 2013 : Aylwin Greenwood-Lambert

Model Number One For Transport and Display - Aylwin Greenwood-Lambert

Model Number One For Transport and Display – Aylwin Greenwood-Lambert


My practice involves a consideration of objects as networks of both physical and abstract elements and an attempt to understand the nature of these elements, their manner of coexistence and relationship to such things as aesthetics, creativity and art. I begin with objects within which certain relationships may be perceived more readily than usual and apply an intuitive logic in deciding how to alter, display, represent and utilise them so as to simultaneously understand and accentuate these relationships whilst minimising unwanted associations.

The interactions made with the object are as important as the appearance of the final object – this is dictated by the interactions made rather than vice versa. Visual language is only employed to draw attention to already existing aspects or else counter unnecessary distractions. Unnecessary aesthetic decisions are avoided through assembling pre-existing components rather than crafting new ones. The actions performed are kept as clear as possible to enable an audience to be aware of them and to recreate an object if they so wish. The finished objects are not intended as containers of art nor displays of visual rhetoric but are intended as meta-things which aim to deconstruct how we relate to objects on a cerebral level.




Aylwin Greenwood-Lambert (born 1981, lives and works in Nottingham) gained his BA Fine Art at The University of Lincoln (2006).

Recent group shows include Narrative, Point A to Point B, Fresh Meat Gallery, LCB Depot, Leicester / Hot One Hundred, Schwartz Gallery, London / Void Open, Void Art Gallery, London / Worcester Open, Worcester Museum & Art Gallery, Worcester (all 2013) and Nottingham  Castle Annual Open, Nottingham Castle, Nottingham / International Open Show, Surface Gallery, Nottingham / Museum of [ ] Objects, MAC, Birmingham (all 2012).

Recent publications include Peripheral Arteries Special Issue, July 2013 and Worcester Open 2013 Catalogue.

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