Open Call 2013 : Lisa Denyer

Untitled - Lisa Denyer, 2013, acrylic and emulsion on plywood

Untitled – Lisa Denyer, 2013, acrylic and emulsion on plywood


As a painter, Lisa Denyer’s interest lies predominantly in the materiality of the medium itself.

Exploring form through a complete stripping down to elemental components, incidental details such as light reflecting, shadow, and negative space are often sources of inspiration.

The fundamental aspects of Lisa’s early work; landscape, escapism and Romanticism, are still apparent in her current practice. However, these now manifest in highly abstracted representations, and a desire to capture the sublime through simple shape and use of colour.

Prevalent themes in her work include geological structures, natural influences, microcosm and macrocosm.




Lisa Denyer is a visual artist and curator who lives and works in Manchester.

She has exhibited extensively across the country including at The Herbert Art Gallery, Lanchester Gallery, Coventry, Old Truman Brewery and Store Street Gallery, London.

Originally from London, Lisa graduated from Coventry University with a BA Hons in Fine Art in 2009. Shortly after this, she was awarded second prize in The Gilchrist Fisher Award 2010, presented at Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London.

In 2010 she was short listed for The Salon Art Prize and exhibited at the finalist exhibition at Matt Roberts Arts, London. Lisa also exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair, represented by Orion Contemporary, in the same year. Lisa was shortlisted for Title Art Prize and took part in the finalist exhibition at Blankspace, Manchester in 2011.

Recent exhibitions include ‘Meditations’ at Pluspace, Coventry, ‘Now you see it, now you don’t’ at Terrace Gallery, London, and ‘Catalyst’ at Piccadilly Place, Manchester. Curatorial projects include Form/Function at Piccadilly Place and Treatment at PS Mirabel.


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