Open Call 2013 : Carolyn Curtis Magri


Carolyn Curtis Magri’s drawing process reflects uncomfortable positions and sharp, dangerous edges. The debris of institutionalisation is the underlying theme of her work.

As a tutor and artist-in-residence working with offenders and ex-offenders, she bears witness to the physical and psychological effects of incarceration on a daily basis. Until 2012, her Windows Project paintings were dominated by unidentifiable but obvious backgrounds. Her work has recently undergone a stripping down seeking a more interesting trajectory.


identifying herself as CCM, Carolyn studied drawing and painting at Manchester Metropolitan University, achieving an M. Phil in Fine Art in 2003. Since then, she has taught art and design in 5 different establishments of Her Majesty, in the South and the North-West and designed and taught Visual Poetry courses at The Mary Ward Centre in Queens Square, London.

She is currently Artist-in-Residence with a charity promoting the work of ex-offenders in the community. She has exhibited her work in London, Malta and Brussels and has been collaborating with a poet at the annual Chicago Calling Festival since 2000.

She co-curated Bankley Gallery’s ’60 Drawings’ exhibition in 2012 and is a member of Suite studio group in Salford.

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