Open Call 2013 : Willow Rowlands

image Shower Time – Willow Rowlands

I gravitate towards drawn out processes, taking direction from each new set of formal limitations.

As every stage takes the outcome of the last as it’s subject, the source material is gradually overwritten. Although the choice of media is intuitive, the most recent phase of making is typically the opposite of what came before. The analogical usually leads to the digital; two dimensions to three dimensions; the gelatinous to the geometric.


Willow Rowlands lives and works in Manchester.

Her practice is an exercise in elongating the experience of finding and touching things that are nice.  She attends lectures and submits work for modules, but this hasn’t put her off. Willow has spent the last five years refining a floppy structure for identifying and touching niceness, which is continually expanding like space.

The artist enjoys studio lamps, scalpels, contact microphones and many other things.

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