Open Call 2013 : Robin Megannity

This Languid Air - Robin Megannity, oil on canvas, 46x61cm

This Languid Air – Robin Megannity, oil on canvas, 46x61cm


The paintings of Robin Megannity create curiously pressurized atmospheres, quiet but tense. He uses gathered materials, specific objects and live models to construct staged scenes from which to paint. The objects and situations develop interweaving themes though meaning, metaphor and narrative often remain ambiguous or unsolved.



Robin Megannity (born in 1985) lives and works in Manchester.  Originally from Burnley Robin graduated with a BA(hons) in Fine Art from the University of Wales Institute Cardiff. After developing abstract work in traditional printmaking techniques Robin returned to Manchester to re-direct his practice. First returning to basic principles of figurative drawing as a means to support and enrich his abstract process, the possibilities and attached history of representation soon  began to offer a significant and poignant new direction. Robin is now exploring the possibilities of oil paint, researching historical academic painting strategies whilst maintaining a dialogue with contemporary theory and modern anxieties.

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  1. Joe said:

    I saw some of his work recently at an open studio event in Manchester, and he has an exceptional talent and an eye for the obscure. Highly recommend viewing his work whenever possible.

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