The VERB Project|Launch Friday 29th November, 6pm

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Participating artists:

Benjamin PlimmerCarrieanne Cara VivianetteHazel RobertsJade CurrieJoanna Hutton,

Kathryn MillerLiam MaloneyRebecca Rogers, Ricki James, Sarah Riseborough & Thomas Evans.

See: or @verbmanchester or

For 24HRS a series of site responsive art works will exist spanning the four floors of Bankley House, Levenshulme. 

There will be a sound archive made of the artists’ engagement leading up to this point, then the audiences engagement with the exhibition. The artworks will then be destroyed and traces of the creative engagement will remain only through audio recordings.

Within this project there will be an emphasis on highlighting the creative dialogue entered into over the duration of the project.

The gallery space in Bankley will become an ongoing sound archive of the artists’ engagement in the space at different stages of the project, and the impermanence of this. Recording their creative engagement, the conversations between the artists and through a series of summative artists interviews. The audience will also be invited to contribute to this archive through making their own recordings. After twenty-four hours the site responsive art work is removed the archive will remain alone as a trace of the creative experiences encountered within the site.

The VERB projects are defined through a particular approach to curating with the artists spending time on site creating new art specifically for it. Value is placed upon the artist’s engagement within the space, the dialogue between art object or intervention and the site, and the role of the audience in activating it. As the title of the projects may suggest, the projects are about actions, the act of making, of engaging, of participating and of viewing. This is the fifth VERB project in Greater Manchester this year; previous VERB projects have taken place this year in Blank Space, 2022NQ, Piccadilly Place & a vacant Grumpy shop unit.

The VERB projects are an artist led series of creative projects curated by Kathryn Miller.

300 300 dpi

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