A6 Dialogue Two Preview Evening


Thanks to everyone who made our preview evening for A6 Dialogue Two last Friday and to Andy Broadey & Simon Blackmore from Kitchen Table Theory who broke contemporary art out of the gallery space and onto the streets of Levenshulme to launch the Levenshulme Contemporary Art Centre. Read more about Kitchen Table Theory on Twitter & on their blog.

Photos courtesy of Clair Graubner & Kitchen Table Theory


Rachel Wrigley & Clair Graubner with their collaborative installation



The Levenshulme Contemporary Arts Centre on the move


Andy Broadey & Simon Blackmore/Levenshulme Contemporary Art Centre 

Work No. 1

Wooden Box with LED lights

We are interested in deploying conventions of gallery design within abandoned sites because:

1) Art that is made according to convention is affirmative, whereas art that questions convention is critical;

2) Gallery conventions guide us to ask ‘What is it?’, whilst commercial sites lead us to ask, ‘What is it for, and what can I get for it?’

3) The highest degrees of abstraction and the most pressing political issues already exist in car parks and patches of weeds.

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