Thanks to our artists for a fantastic and thought provoking Wrap Party to close the Bankley Open Call 2014. We heard from Holly Rowan Hesson about her winning installation Spark and her plans for her solo show in 2015, second prize winner Matt Davies about his pieces The Great Imposter and Office Times, Andy Broadey who discussed the ideas behind the Levenshulme Contemporary Art Centre and the documentation of the project within Bankley’s new Project Space, and from abstract painter Martin Olsson who has been awarded our first Artist Residency based within the Project Space.

Martin begins his residency in December and will be creating new work within the Project Space until March 2015 culminating in a solo exhibition, it is the first in what is hoped with be an ongoing residency program.


Andy Broadey


Matt Davies


Martin Olsson

Linkage II

Martin Olsson – Linkage II



Chris Bloor – &Model Gallery, Leeds; Peter Seal – overall winner of the 2013 Bankley Open Call; Matt Davies – Second Prize 2014; Holly Rowan Hesson – First Prize 2014; Kwong Lee – Castlefield Gallery

Congratulations to Holly Rowan Hesson who was selected by our judging panel as the overall winner of the Bankley Open Call 2014 for her abstract photographic installation, Spark. Holly received our first prize of £500 and will be returning for her solo exhibition at Bankley Gallery in 2015.

Our second prize went to Matt Davies who received £150 vouchers from our sponsors Fred Aldous for his pieces The Great Imposter and Office Times. This year’s shortlist and winners were selected by Chris Bloor, Co-Director of & Model Gallery, Leeds; Kate Jesson, Curator at Manchester City Art Gallery; Kwong Lee, Director of Castlefield Gallery, Manchester and Peter Seal, artist and overall winner of Bankley Open Call 2013.

Catch the last weekend of the Open Call exhibition this Saturday and Sunday from 12-4pm, and why not join us for our special Wrap Party event this Sunday from 2-4pm? Join our Facebook events page here.

Open Studios 2014

Thank you to all our visitors who made it to our Open Studios this year, we had a fantastic weekend and plans are already afoot for a Members Show in the foreseeable.



Ian Massey


Vanessa Denvir


David Jarrett


The Levenshulme Contemporary Art Centre project by local collective The Kitchen Table Theory with Bankley resident Andy Broadey


Linda Spiteri + David Jarrett


Raul Guiterrez



Photos courtesy of our wonderful friends and members Martin Olson, Caroline Baldry, Linda SpiteriStacey Coughlin & Clair Graubner.

OCandOS 2014 A5 reverse


First Floor

Ian Massey
Sarah Connell
Andy Broadey
James Roper

Second Floor
Beth Rowland
Stewart Kelly
Amy Clarkson
Elzbieta Tezycka
Abdul Hye
Claire Tindale
Stacey Coughlin
Lucy Harvey
Lisa Peasey
Mike Slater
Jane Dzisiewski

Third Floor
Phil Kennedy

Martha Jean Lineham

Val Clarke

Rachel Houghton

Judith Hetherington
Jane Harper
David Jarrett

Linda Spiteri

Jessica Browning
Caroline Baldry/Munkispanner
Paul Reid
Hannah Brown
Jak Kenton-Spraggan
Eric Morris
Raul Gutierrez Loya
Vanessa Denvir
Paul Dodgson
Marnie Matthews
Kelly Parish
Clair Graubner

Bankley Open Studios 2014
Launch Evening: Friday 10th October 6-9pm
Open Studios: 11th & 12th October 12-4pm

Bankley will open to the public three floors of artist’s studios and the work of over 30 artists, covering all artistic disciplines. Painting and drawing, sculpture and ceramics, photography and video art-forms are represented, show-casing the diversity and quality of work by artists currently resident at this renowned artist co-operative.

RSVP to our Facebook Events Page.

a6 dialogue two wrap party

The Wrap Party draws to a close the second A6 exhibition with a final chance to view the work and discuss where A6 Dialogue will go next alongside a new performance by artist Mike Chavez-Dawson.

Part social, part debrief: the wrap party invites our exhibiting artists to talk about the work on show and identify common ground for the next exhibition in the A6 Dialogue series. As part of this informal evaluation process Mike Chavez-Dawson will be performing a unique triptych ‘concrete poem’ in response to Lucy Harvey’s previous A6 work ‘Fears of the Slow Revolution’.

Everyone is welcome and we are particularly keen to invite studio groups and artists who are interested to join A6 Dialogue in the future and take the project forward.


Thanks to everyone who made our preview evening for A6 Dialogue Two last Friday and to Andy Broadey & Simon Blackmore from Kitchen Table Theory who broke contemporary art out of the gallery space and onto the streets of Levenshulme to launch the Levenshulme Contemporary Art Centre. Read more about Kitchen Table Theory on Twitter & on their blog.

Photos courtesy of Clair Graubner & Kitchen Table Theory


Rachel Wrigley & Clair Graubner with their collaborative installation



The Levenshulme Contemporary Arts Centre on the move


Andy Broadey & Simon Blackmore/Levenshulme Contemporary Art Centre 

Work No. 1

Wooden Box with LED lights

We are interested in deploying conventions of gallery design within abandoned sites because:

1) Art that is made according to convention is affirmative, whereas art that questions convention is critical;

2) Gallery conventions guide us to ask ‘What is it?’, whilst commercial sites lead us to ask, ‘What is it for, and what can I get for it?’

3) The highest degrees of abstraction and the most pressing political issues already exist in car parks and patches of weeds.

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Amanda Whewell will be leading free mixed media workshops inspired by her exhibition in the Gallery space this month. ‘UnMade in England’ emerged from a project which involved deconstructing charity shop clothes and reconstructing them into balls of yarn and quilted fabric, find out how she transforms these unloved materials into artworks and make your own during her workshop program.

My professional practice involves creating and delivering workshops for schools, community groups and arts and wellbeing projects. I am interested in working outside of the traditional art environment such as within museums, heritage sites, libraries, allotment societies etc., using these areas as inspiration and bringing art to people who would not necessarily visit an art gallery.

The aim behind my workshops is to inspire creativity, look at things in a different way, teach textile skills as an art form but that can relate back to useful and practical tasks such as sewing on a button and mending a seam. I use pre-used textiles, mostly old clothes, which provide a wide range of exciting fabrics and trimmings to be un-made and re-made.

Deconstructing the clothes gives an insight into the skills used and time taken to create them, and provides information about their previous life. The materials, techniques and skills sharing involved in the workshops also raises awareness of environmental, economic and social sustainability issues.

The most important aspect is that the workshops are enjoyable, social and thought provoking and that the participants feel good and confident about what they have achieved and want to do more.

Workshops cater for a range of ages and sessions will run across the last two weekends of June:

Saturday 21 June

11.30 – 12.30pm Children’s workshop (under 12s must be accompanied by an adult)

2 – 3pm Young people over 12 year old and Adults

Sunday 22 June

11.30 – 13.00pm Adult workshop

Saturday 28 June

11.30 – 12.30pm Children’s workshop (under 12s must be accompanied by an adult)

Saturday 28 June

2 – 3pm Young people over 12 year old and Adults

Sunday 29 June

11.30 – 1pm Adults

Find out more about Amanda’s project on her blog UnMade in England runs until 5th July.